The Ponca Tribe of Nebraska is an active member of the Intertribal Bison Cooperative helping to restore buffalo to Indian land. The buffalo hold much cultural and spiritual significance to the Native American traditions. They have provided a major source of food, shelter, and clothing and continue to teach us the importance of family as well as being a part of many spiritual traditions. Now it is up to us as Native Americans to ensure that the buffalo continue to be part of not only our lives but our children’s and all generations to come.

You can help our buffalo to prosper by adopting one or more members of our herd. Our Adopt-A-Buffalo program is open to both Tribal members and Non-Tribal friends. You will receive a photo of your buffalo along with an official adoption certificate. Adopting a buffalo is an easy and satisfying way to participate in the preservation of this majestic symbol of Native America. Just choose from the three categories of yearly support listed below.

  • $25 for the Yearling Group
  • $50 for the Buffalo Herd Group
  • $100 for the Head Herd Bull Group

In cooperation with the Tribal Environmental Protection Department, the NRCS, BIA and other Federal Programs we are working to return the pastures to Native Prairie for the health and well-being of our buffalo. We have restored fire to the prairie and are removing the invasive Western Red Cedar in order to make the land and water healthier for the buffalo.

We have two herds at this time; one herd is located at the Ponca Agency and the other is located southeast of Niobrara. To ensure we do not overgraze the land we have to control the size of the herds, the Agency herd is maintained at 25 head and the East Pen Herd at 35 head.

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Contact Information

Larry Wright Sr., Herd Manager

Ponca Headquarters

If you are interested in purchasing a buffalo outright for the many possibilities of its use – i.e. meat, hide, buffalo skull, etc., please feel free to contact Larry for prices and availability.