Our mission is to provide holistic, caring, family-centered, and culturally-sensitive services through a quality clinical and educational approach. Ponca Health Services offers medical, dental, and behavioral health services; public health outreach and services; and specialty services such as diabetes management and education. We serve all Federally-recognized Tribes. 

Jacqueline Bae, CEO Health Services

Ponca Health Services operates three primary care clinics:

Fred LeRoy Health and Wellness Center

2602 J Street, Omaha NE 68107
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Ponca Hills Health and Wellness Center

1800 Syracuse Avenue, Norfolk NE
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Lincoln Health and Wellness Center

1600 Windhoek Drive, Lincoln, NE

All other Ponca office sites offer some health/public health services. Please contact your local office for more details.


COVID-19 Health Tips

Email covid-19@poncatribe-ne.gov for more information about COVID-19.