Purchased/Referred Care service is a financial resource available to assist in the payment of healthcare services received by PRC-eligible beneficiaries that are not available at an Indian Health Service, Tribal or Urban (ITU) healthcare facility like Ponca Health Services.

In general, the first step to accessing these funds is for a Ponca Health Service provider to issue a referral for outside services to the PRC program on behalf of the patient. The referral is reviewed by the PRC Committee which determines the medical priority.

In cases of emergency, a 72-hour notification to the PRC program must be submitted by the individual, provider, hospital, or someone on behalf of the individual. Elderly 65 and older and/or disabled have 30 days to provide notification. Medical priorities have been established for determining which referrals can be authorized for payment.  Notification does not assure authorization of payment.  However, if you do not notify PRC within the
appropriate notification time frame, your bill(s) will not be paid.

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